About Us

We are a licensed and fully insured construction company in business since 1995, with 15 years of service under the name Guido Modrow Home Improvements.  Now that we are incorporated, we are operating under the name GUIDO MODROW CONSTRUCTION.  We are always looking for new challenges and are interested in projects that use the latest quality products and concepts.

As a recognized general contractor in the community, we offer a broad service scope including planning through completion of your project in a business built on trust and integrity. All facets of specialties are offered directly through us, and where additional licensed trades are required, we sub-contract reputable business trades to provide the highest building standards leading towards finishing your renovation, home, or commercial property.

There is owner support from pre-design through post-occupancy, based on our wide spectrum of expertise. Estimates provided are used to outline the phases of the client's project, while dedicated listening and working with the customer will ensure the highest degree of satisfaction from initial involvement through project completion. We are able to adapt to evolving client needs as they may decide to add on to a project or utilize the living space or commercial floor space we are building in a broader manner.


Whether we are increasing your work space area in a commercial site or renovating a house to make the client's living situation more comfortable, convenient and aesthetic, you can rest assured that the benefits achieved will only add to the function of your environment.

Your project's distinguishing features will be completed with strict compliance to all safety codes and standards. The building materials we use are always superior, thus, combined with our expertise, we are able to produce a degree of excellence with which you will be very pleased. This is what identifies GUIDO MODROW CONSTRUCTION from all other contractors. We will achieve your goal.